Monday, January 11, 2016

Whole 30: Day 2

Day 2

What's on the menu:
Breakfast: Coffee with my coconut creamer
Lunch: pulled pork and sweet potato hash
Dinner: beef lettuce wraps (they were SO good!)
Snack: almonds, apple, strawberries
(I couldn't resist the strawberries in the store. And let me tell you, they were very tasty!)

How I'm feeling:
Well, I made the huge mistake of not eating breakfast this morning. So by lunch time I was "starving." It also didn't help that one of my students brought cookies in to school today for her birthday. They looked so good. I really wanted one. But I was good. I resisted.
So tomorrow I'm going to eat breakfast. I promise!

Whole30: Alcohol
Honestly this area isn't a problem for me. I like having an occasional glass of wine, but at my job I signed a contract saying I wouldn't consume alcohol. So no alcohol for me.
Basically, it is on the list of don't's for the Whole30 because it is addictive and because when under the influence of it you are likely to make poor food decisions. It can also mess with your blood sugar levels. The book says more regarding alcohol, but I don't feel like sharing it all. You can read about it if it applies to you. It doesn't really apply to me. So, there you go.

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